Weekly Photo Challenge: Room


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

  1. I like this shot. Something very mysterious about it, the clouds in the distance and darkness in the foreground. I’m guessing you’re up high on a mountain somewhere.

    • Hehehe. It looks like it doesnt it 🙂 But no. Im actually right by the river. The town is just 10 min away and i am not far from the coast here in Norway. Every spring when the weather allows it I move out on the portch into this open room. I love waking up to this view 🙂

      • Aaah, I got it wrong! I was fooled! Deceived! 😉 Going outdoors is always nice – fresh air is always good for you and its relaxing. Lucky you to have a room like that! The sound of the river must be comforting 🙂

      • Lol. I tricked you this week. Hihi 🙂 I do feel lucky to live like this. I have worked for it, but still. Many would not have had the chance to choose to put in the work. For that I feel blessed 🙂

      • Yes, you got me good. But it’s okay, I love a challenge 😀 I guess if we work hard, thing will fall in over favour, eventually. I am still young, lots of hard work to do. Enjoy your life, well deserved 😀

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