Project DBS – Final stage: Assembly! :D

For stage 1 of this project press HERE, for stage 2 press HERE and for stage 3 press HERE 🙂

-With everything polished it was time to assemble.

I have to admit that all the different parts laying on the ground scared me a little…


-But after staring at them for a while I desided I just had to start somewhere so I started with the new tires I had ordered and took it from there.


It came together as a charm.

And so… Behold! 😀


I just Looove this bike 😀


I dont know if its all the work I put into it, or the pain it have broght me ( removing rust and polishing in tiny places with sharp edges )


But this bike… This bike…


…Is my baby… 🙂



5 thoughts on “Project DBS – Final stage: Assembly! :D

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